Irene and Stephanie met when their spiritual paths merged, and they realized they needed to come together to share the incredible stories and interesting lives that are within the spiritual realm.

During each interview, Irene and Stephanie’s different perspectives encourage new insights, questions, and observations for their spiritual-minded guests!

Some of their guests have included Internationally famous medium Thomas John, Broadway singer, actor, writer Frankie Keane, Energy Healer Judy Becker, Medium Psychic Lee VanZyl and many more.

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About Irene

Irene Weinberg, the creator, and co-host of the podcast Grief and Rebirth has a large following stemming from her experiences in both spiritual and healing genres.  She is the author of the 5-star reviewed book They Serve Bagels In Heaven, a compelling, spiritual love story that begins with the profound spiritual awakening Irene experienced during a tragic car accident when her husband Saul died next to her. Irene is a highly sought-after public speaker whose spirited lectures have inspired and motivated audiences at conferences and spiritual get-togethers, as well as bookstores nationwide.

About Stephanie

Stephanie Barnhart is a Pittsburgh expat living in NYC as a single mom to her son, Maximo. With a Masters in Journalism, she is the editorial and tech guru behind the scenes of the podcast. She brings with her the parenting and wellness audience of millennials from her own well-known blog, Referred to as a parenting expert, she has been featured in media outlets such as the Huffington Post, NY Times and NBC Evening News. She is also currently the NY Editor and National Events Director for the popular parenting resource,